Oct 2, 2011

In early June, I found out that I was expecting our third baby! This baby is due on February 14th.... which is kinda funny, because that is our anniversary and Collin's birthday is very close to that day. In fact, we spent our anniversary in hospital having Collin. 

So with my previous pregnancy I thought I had had pretty bad morning sickness. But this time I really thought there had to be something else wrong with me because I was sooooo sick. I literally had food aversion to every food. I even had aversion to my very favorite foods like frozen yogurt and chocolate chip cookies. I threw up all the time. I was laying down most of the summer. My poor kids had a sad excuse for a summer. My sister came to stay with me for a week to take care of me and distract me from being sick. I was so grateful. When our family was in Oregon I did pretty good. I loved the cooler weather there. I lost ten lbs before I finally started feelling better in mid- august. 

I am soooo glad to not be throwing up anymore. I feel like a person again. I don't know how women who are sick the entire time have more than one child. I finally feel like I can be excited to have another baby. So far I haven't tried to hope for a boy or a girl... cause I know I have nothing to do with it. Also I would have been happy with either. We did look at the chinese calendar for predicting when to conceive in order to have a boy or a girl. According to the calendar, almost the entire year is a good time to conceive a girl for me ....

It turned out to be right!

Summer and Fall happenings

The last two months have flown by! Here are a few of the things we have been up to.

My neighbor sets up this 100ft slip-n-slide every once in a while. Which the kids throughly enjoyed!

These flowers are the weeds that grew in my dirt in August and September. I think they are quite pretty. When the landscaper finally came to finish the yard I was sorta sad they would have to be ripped up. But super excited to have grass!

Can you see the fine layer of dirt covering this child? This is what my summer has looked like. A fine layer of dirt over everything. My kids. My house. My floors. My blinds. etc. Needless to say I am thrilled to finally have grass so I don't have to deal with the dirt as much!

 My little brother turned 21. His, at the time, fiancĂ© made this cake for him. Isn't it awesome?!

 The last Johnson is now married. On August 19th my littlest brother got married. The wedding took place here in Utah which meant my entire family was here. Most were at my house. Thats 20 grandkids running through my house. It was great to see everyone but not so great on my house. 

Literally as everyone was leaving my house after my brothers wedding, Jesh started getting terrible pain in his back and was vomiting from the pain. Luckily my sister Becky was still here with her family. Becky's husband is a PA and told us straight up that Jesh has kidney stone. I had him take Jesh to the ER because everyone was still leaving and I felt like he would be more familiar with what was going on. 

My sister I tried to entertain our kids and clean house while I worried over Jesh in the ER. When I finally heard from Jesh he had been admitted to the hospital, put on heavy drugs for pain, and had a CT scan done. He told me that the CT scan showed several kidney stones and only one kidney. Jesh had no idea that he only had one kidney. My sister's family left thinking he would just need pass the stone and that it wouldn't take too long. To make a long story short.... They tried to get Jesh to pass the blocking stone by pumping him full of liquids, when that didn't work they performed surgery. They got most of the stones out. After surgery his kidney wasn't working fully and Jesh had to stay another day until his kidney seemed to be improving. So after three days in the hospital and several tests and appointments later, Jesh seems to be doing a lot better now. And man am I grateful. It was so hard for me to see him going through all of this. Thank you to all our family and friends for their help, prayers, and support. It meant a lot to us! Hopefully we can avoid this some how in the future.... :{

The only thing I really love about the North Idaho fair is their Elephant Ears. YUM! But since we no longer live there, I had to make my own. Basically all I did was buy some Rhodes rolls, let them raise, stretched them out, fried them in oil, and put cinnamon sugar on them. A close second in my book.

Collin riding a pony at his preschool open house. I can't believe he is big enough to be in preschool. :(

 Christian played his first soccer game. He basically loves to kick the ball... in any direction. These games are so funny to watch. The whole game is like everyone fighting everyone for the ball.

Christian started Kindergarten.... Collin is sad almost every day he is gone. The first day I found him on the stairs after dropping him of saying "I need my best friend Christian." Breaks my heart. Christian loves school. But we sure do miss him when he is gone.

 Christian with his best pal Porter.

Oregon 2011

Sep 30, 2011

We love to go to the Oregon Coast! It's beautiful, not hot, and my kids get to play outside all day long. We went 2 years ago with my sister and her family and decided to go with her again. We rent a house together right on the beach. Love it!

The boys and I at Multnomah Falls.

We hiked to another waterfall (I don't remember the name) near Multnomah Falls. Collin thought it was fun the first half of the hike. But by the time we were headed back he wanted nothing to do with it!
In the picture below the trail goes behind the waterfall. I was a little afraid cause I felt like I was walking under a mountain that could fall on me at any moment.
My sister's family
A bridge near the same waterfall!
Cute Christian
This is one Collin was done with the walking end of hiking! Poor Jesh had to luge around 40 extra pounds!
Cute Collin
These next picture are of different places and hikes went on. For some reason we decided to torture our kids with hikes. Christian did okay but Collin ended up being carried a lot.

The white spec is a whale.
I bribed Collin with salt water taffy to keep walking on one of the hikes. In this picture he got a cinnamon taffy that he did not like. He wanted me to take it from his mouth with my hand and not spit it out. I had nothing to clean it up my hand with, so I tricked him into spitting it out, which he did not like.
Collin fell asleep on the way back.
Tide pools
Rock throwing.

I told Christian to pose and this is what he came up with. Every picture after that he posed with his fist under his chin. I thought it was very comical.

Playing on our beach.

The boys (including Jesh) kept pretending to be Tron with that frisbee.
Some random beach on our way up the coast. It was sooooo windy. The sand felt like little bites all over my legs.

Tillamook. Note to all those planning a visit. Call first and make sure the factory workers are actually working that day. The kids didn't get to see the place in action.

I'm so bad.... I don't remember the names of any of these places! Some light house on the coast.

The giant fire pit Jesh and my nephew Brandon built!

Note the fist under chin!

Walking from our beach house to see the seals.
Playing and getting wet along the way.

100's of seals. Some of them were pretty torn up. I can't decide if its from ocean life or fights they get into with each other.

Walking home while the sun is setting.

Our attempt at a fire before the sun went down. We ended up having to go buy more lighter fluid. And then coming back out. We roasted marshmallows and had s'mores.
Looking a bit cold.

We were soooo sad to leave the coast. It was perfect. PS if there are grammatical errors or just plain errors in the above post, sorry! I don't proof read! HA!